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Illustration can reshape your brand – making you appear fun, friendly, or however you want to come across.

Stand out from your competitors and differentiate your brand through custom illustrations. Iconography, informational, or in place of photos on your website.

  • Infographics
  • Diagrams
  • Children’s book illustration
  • Informational illustration
  • Illustration style logo
  • Illustrative headshots
  • Custom emojis
  • Custom icons
  • Illustration for animation


Can’t find the words? Let Oath illustrate it.

Illustrations are an amazing asset to use on websites, in informational resources, and across your social media platforms.

At Oath Creative, we’re big on branding, so we’ll step into your brand’s shoes to mimic who you are in your custom illustrations.

What we do

On-brand and eye-catching

Our illustrations are on-brand, personalised to your target audience, and as imaginative as your brief calls for.

Illustration for Iconography

Icons are an amazing way to create better readability on your website and to send subtle hints to your target audience, guiding them across your website subtly.

Illustration for Websites

Don’t have the most photogenic business model? Need to simplify how you communicate visually? Illustration can make for an amazing website asset.

Illustration for Education & Information Sharing

Create logical instructional manuals and guides, or find the perfect assets to accompany your e-learning content. Illustrations communicate what words can’t.

Animated Videos

Complex or abstract themes can be simply explained through animated video. Not only are they a fun, creative tool, but they’re perfect for demonstrating concepts.

An Oath to good design.

Our process

We’ll get to know your brand so we can create the perfect illustration

Our design style isn’t yours. We step into your brand’s shoes to really understand who your business is, so we can create illustrations that are perfectly you.

Branded illustration

Communicate your difference through illustrations

Illustrations can send your target audience subtle clues about who you are and why it matters. Through colour selection, shape decisions, and different texturing techniques, we portray your brand and your message.

Your illustrations can be friendly and welcoming or fun and quirky, or sharp and professional – instantly telling your audience exactly who you are.

use illustrations to Increase Visibility and Drive Growth

Our Speciailty

We partner with property developers.

Sell out sooner by illustrating an idyllic lifestyle. Our team specialises in design and marketing for property development projects.

With a unique skill set and experience in these projects, we’ve pushed the boundaries and have found success combining traditional renders, designs, and photography with illustrations for that extra oomph.

Why choose us

So, why pick Oath Creative for illustration?

We’ll hold your hand

Whether you’re teaming up with us for a website project with illustration, or just for the illustrations, we know it can be overwhelming. We’ll walk you through it.

It’s emotion-driven

Emotion-driven design and illustration plays a big part in how we interact with brands and eventually decide to choose them. We’ll find the right emotion to play on.

We become part of your team

To effectively mimic your brand through illustration, we almost need to become the brand. We’ll become an extension of your team, your go-to for all things design.

We’ll take on your brand’s style

We’re not an agency with a set style and colour palette. Brand colours spanning the rainbow or a strictly neutral colour palette – we’ll take on your style, and we’ll do it well.

Our Illustration FAQs

Yes! Particularly in industries like IT or law, where taking genuine photography can be really difficult, illustrations are the perfect way to market your business.
Our in-house illustrator, Amanda, typically creates illustrations in Procreate. However, she may use a different medium, depending on your preferred result.
Yes, we absolutely can. We love the look of illustrations on websites, especially where good photography would be difficult to achieve.
We absolutely could! Logo design often starts out with an illustration and is tidied up in Illustrator or Photoshop.
We do it well, too

Or at least, these clients think so