Lost For Words: A Guide To Copywriting

It can be hard knowing what to say to your audience so here is a copywriting guide including few, quick tips to add to your digital strategy.


If you had one minute to connect and convince your client before they turn you away, what would you say? It can be hard knowing what to say to your audience so here is a copywriting guide including few, quick tips to add to your digital strategy.

When you include copywriting in your content, you have the opportunity to add value. Whenever the opportunity arises to add value to your business, take it, whether it’s in the form of a social media ad, newsletter, landing page copy, or a blog post.

There’s nothing worse than your own words coming back to bite you. You’re the business, you’re the expert in what you do. If there’s something you don’t know and you need to write about it, research it. It’s simple.

A well-known quote says, “sell the problem you solve, not the product you make.” Form your words to sell people their own problems that you provide the solution to.

When it’s appropriate, write in second person. It can be extremely powerful addressing your reader. If you’re writing in third person, avoid sounding overly sales-like. People are becoming increasingly aware of being sold to, and they don’t like it.

Blogging for business can provide you with endless opportunities. Improve your SEO (search engine optimisation), build trust, increase your opportunity to sell to customers, and open doors to other avenues of income.

Be clear. Your content should always have purpose, an end goal. Say you’ve written a blog about investing in consultancy for your business, and perhaps you have a free webinar coming up where at the end you aim to land new clients. At the end of your blog post you could invite the reader to join your free webinar by filling out the form below. Be transparent.

This one is simple. Read your words back to yourself out loud. You’ll be able to pick up on more mistakes or awkward language than you would if you didn’t speak it aloud.

We hope you enjoyed reading our copywriting guide. At Oath Creative, we have built a team of storytellers. We create content that people won’t forget. Contact us to find out more about our copywriting services.

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